News & New Pin!

Yesterday the ‘Top Hat’ Pin came out. It’s funny how Club Penguin’s Screenhog placed it. It hanging off the couch edge. Here’s a picture if you couldn’t find it:

Pin-1.jpg picture by PenguinCP

Cool, eh?

Also, every member should’ve gotten a card saying: ‘March 27 – April 2: The band is back in town! Don’t miss the return of the Penguin Band as they join Cadence at the Stage! Go There

Here’s what it looks like:

ThePenguinBandPostCard-1.jpg picture by PenguinCP


In other news:

I, Pigpen98, is posting on my labtop. Ehh, I can kinda say it’s ‘cool’. But I rather be on my other computer. Also, Pigpen98 Productions (Copyrighted) is currently on hault too. My videos can’t be saved/uploaded until the computer is fixed. Just a reminder!



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for CW


Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Free Items

Hey Penguins!

The Free Items 😀 Ok, First the coffee shop, For the Shamrock Hat


Now, All members* Can get this item. Go to the forest..


Go inside and pick up the Accordion.


(Try dancing with just the item)


That’s all for now!


Club Penguin Penguin Awards Update

Hey Penguins,

The Stage is under construction for the Penguin Awards! It’s going to be awesome when it comes out!


Here’s the inside, Remember if your a non-member get your card codes ready!


That’s all for now,


Club Penguin New Pin – Lucky Coin

Hello Penguins,

As you can see the St. Patrick’s Day Party is out! A few free items are also available (I’l post about them)


For the Pin head over to the Ski Hill. Then go and pick it up!


😉 Hope this helps!


Snow Sculpture Snowcase

Hey Penguins,

Want to look forward to 10,000 coins? Well design your own sculpure to be put around Club Penguin! Just design one, 15 sculputers will be made!
  • To Be About Club Penguin
  • Use No Words.
When you have finshed designing it send all of them to
You have 3 weeks!

Pretty Awesome Idea, right? Comment if you think you might design one!

Hello Penguins!

Hey All

Scoobs has added to me to his awesome cheat site! I will be posting all the latest cub penguin cheats! Be sure to visit my site


Have fun~!