i just want everyone to know that someone has been impersonating me on bribble and this is hurting me badly as i am not able to talk to my friends and almost all of them think i am a liar but i am not. Bribble used to be a chat about club penguin and the peolpe who play it. Now it has escalated out of control and turned best friends against each other and torn groups apart. I t has become a big web of lies and insults and is not fun to many people anymore. My friends know the truth and believe me! we need to get bribble back on track. some of us are young and it looks really bad if parents are watching and people are swearing and cursing. its really not good! we need to stop and make it much better. We must make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. I am speaking the truth because some people are afraid that they may be spammed or blocked but i am speaking my mind. it is NOT good to keep things inside you…. Thank you for listening i felt that this had to be said. i am sorry if it upsets you in anyway but it had to be said.

Yours Truly, Scooby Mad.


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