im back!

at last i am back! i abandoned the site but now ill be on more often and hopefully get some help with the posts!




8 Responses

  1. yo scoob,nice blog u av ere ehh?

  2. Thanks! Hey u wanna be an admin?

  3. emm not sure, if ya want??

  4. but i kinda dont know how it works?!?!

  5. lol look at my newest post. Basically i pm u with a account and pass and you have the ability to write new posts! i need help with it beacause i am starting to make youtube videos again. as i have over 1,100 views on 1. and like 200 on the other lol!
    if u wanna be an admin meet me on sunday or later today on fluffypuppets bribble.


  6. ryht,but can u not just get on there now??

  7. Blink we meet again

  8. nah wat do u meen again

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