New crew!

Hi! i have chosen an admin and hopefully she will get this site back on it’s feet! anyway, i have made a new crew on club penguin called “The CP V.I.P.’s”! if you want to join then comment below and leave your e-mail. As a crew we will go around cp, throw parties in my igloo and other places and have meetings to discuss things. A uniform IS required, and the posistions are open to all members and non-members. Here are the uniforms:

They are nigotiable if loads of people don’t have those clothes, but i have made them as flexible as i can!

Please sign -up on the comments and leave your e-mail so i can contact you. It will be really fun!

Bye! ~ ScOoBs


5 Responses

  1. Ok, I would like to do the admin. Or have you chosen someone else? lol!

  2. I would’ve replied sooner, but I was gone until Sunday.

  3. No offence Scoobs but the non-member one looks G@Y

  4. i know lol! no-one is signing up lol! im just gonna leave the idea for a crew, for now anyways…

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