More hits and new admin,(New pages coming soon!)…

Ok! First off we have a new admin with us Puppygal376! Who’s great post is underneath. And second of all i have started advertising on lots of my friends bribbles and sites which means more hits and views! My first gola is 1000 hits and im sure with the help of puppygal it will be possible! Now last of all we will be adding some new pages including club penguin cheats and secrets, hints and tips on missions and other things. Also polls and contests! Be sure not to miss it as july will be a great month for scoobymads wordpress!


Scoobs 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hey, for the secrets page, I have some pics that I am not able to use on my site, I have enough pages on there right now (I might add to it later), and if you need any pics I could add some on to the page. 😉

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