#142 Newspaper!

The new newspaper came out, and there is going to be a new mail service!

This is what the newspaper says that’s going to be upgraded about it:

  • Penguin Mail will be available to everyone. Just click the envelope icon on the top of your screen to open your mailbox.
  • Reply and delete postcard options will be available.
  • You’ll be able to save post cards.
  • Send your buddies postcards when they’re not around.

HOPEFULLY we’ll be able to write whatever we want on the post cards. But, I doubt Club Penguin would allow that.

Here’s the upcoming events! Yay! On the 4th of July, wigs come out! YAY! I’m going to eat jello in the shape of the United States tomorrow! LOL!! NOOO giant squidzoid is attacking CP… AGAIN! THAT MEANS HE WILL EAT ALL OUR PIZZA RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! 😆 That was random, but my header doesn’t say “Craziest CP site ever!” for nothing, right? 😆


~Puppygal376 😛

-Check out the original post at www.puppygal376.wordpress.com (it’s the same thing)-


5 Responses

  1. Wow I’m putting a lot of posts, but Club Penguin has been really busy lately.

  2. Who here is from the US? I think I’m going to make a 4th of July video, so PLZ READ THIS COMMENT:
    Meet me on the server Shiver (1st flag, 3rd page) and come to the Iceburg in red, white, and blue. Yes, it will be on the 4th! lol Just get on the tip of the Iceburg and dance and say stuff like “Happy fourth of July” or anything. You can even say “PANCAKES!” It doesn’t matter. 😆 Just please come!
    THE TIME WILL BE 10:30 PENGUIN STANDARD TIME (AM)! HOPEFULLY I won’t be out to lunch (we’re having company). Please try to make it.

  3. Oh, and also, you wouldn’t have to be from the US lol.

  4. hey scoobs

  5. cool! hi rep!

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