New Newspaper Gives All About MUSIC!

This Thursday’s newspaper gives the info on the Penguin Band comin’ July 25!! BUT, that’s not all…!

Are YOU ready to rock?! I AM! A MUSIC FESTIVAL?! HOW MUCH BETTER CAN THIS GET!? πŸ˜€ Find some pals and rock out July 25- 30!!

Here’s some of the upcoming events. The stage play of Squidzoid is coming out again tomorrow. And the new pin and furniture catalogue come out July 18!

I thought this was a cool game to put in the newspaper: Sudoku! I love Sudoku, it’s all Sudokuey and stuff. πŸ˜†

Hey! I found Blue Puff in the newspaper! πŸ˜† Wait… she’s not blue. lol!


-Puppygal376 πŸ˜›


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