“New” play (Plus almost 700 hits!)…


CP have once again brought back a play. I personally hate the plays and think they are pointless and the costumes aren’t that good. I think brigning them back isn’t due to “Popular demand” as they say, i just think they can’t be bothered to make new plays and haven’t got any good ideas. Well anyways they brought back “Squidzoid VS. shadow boy and gamma girl or summin like that. Since they brought it back they could at least change the set instead of keeping it exactly the same.




So here is the stage production (again).

Anyway on a different note this site has almost 700 hits! it’s not much but im closer to making my target of 1000 hits. I will arrange a party for 700 hits and it will be great. I ll post again later when i have more info, ok!

Until next time! ~Scoobs


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