My site isn’t the most popular of sites and to some people 700 hits is nothing. But since i gave up this site it only had 170 hits. Now in 2 months an extra 631 hits isn’t bad?! So to celebrate i’m throwing a club penguin party on Saturday the 19th of July at 21:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time) That is 1:00 pm US time, 6:00 UK time. Server: Parka USA Where:Starting at my igloo, dock and then the nightclub. DON’T MISS IT! I will be filming the party and adding it onto my new youtube account. A proper invitation will be posted later.

Until next time! ~Scoobs


2 Responses

  1. I’m kinda confused. There are 4 US times lol. 21 PST? We only go to 12… LOL!!

  2. i dont know what u mean but it is 1 oclock central time

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