Fever fans!


So yesterday i logged onto Flippers and i started at the dock and while it was loading i saw LOADS of orange penguins! They were all shouting “I HAVE FEVER FEVER!” lol! And they were all dressed up the same as him.

Fever fans at flippers

Fever fans at flippers

I know fever is chewits penguin, but i was wondering what makes him so cool? If anyone is reading this comment on what you think makes a penguin cool! Also i might start a contest, the person or people who give the best answer to the questions on my post win a custom made banner to put above their site! I have had alot of comments on how much people like my header, it was really easy to make! I have Photoshop cs3 so the banners can have all sorts of different effects on them, and they look really cool!

Cya round! ~Scoobs


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