Hey, Hey, Heeeey!!

Just wanted to say congrats Scooby Mad for reaching 1,000 hits!!

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, just felt like doin’ that! I am BACK and I shouldn’t be leaving for stuff for a while YAAAAY SO I CAN TALK WITH YOU GUYS MORE! lol

The first thing I saw was the “Shirts Rock” stand at the Snow Forts. It is SWEET! But I’ve only got one because I’m BROKE! ( (now I have all of them because I saved up lol)

But this was good, there’s a free one! You can find these at the Plaza!

You can get the Maracas again. NO, my rarer ones. Ha ha

Get a V.I.P. pass to get into the backstage at the Dock. It’s worth it! It’s very cool! There’s a chocolate fountain!! D

EW EW EWWWWWW!!!!! THE BEACH IS WHAT I CALL A GIRLY GIRLY FRILLY PINKY PINKS MUSIC ROOM! LOL!!! No offense to people who like this room… lol. (to people who saw this with the “Hannah Montana” I took it off because that’s the biggest riot I’ve seen on my blog and I don’t want that to happen)

I’m not really sure which is my fav… What about you guys?

Keepin’ it real,



5 Responses


  2. thanks pup!

  3. Rep, i forgive you! Lets be friends!

  4. bffs? as much as weamer

  5. Hey Scoobs (lol I feel like I’m talking about Scooby Doo) you should check your Blog Stats chart in months! It’s been improving rapidly! Good job!

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