CP Movie!

Hi! I am making a CP Movie! I have made the trailer and the film is called “The Deep Freeze” named after the server. It is about a penguin who is a prince andhe is stuck indoors by his mum and dad (The king and queen) one day the prince (me) sneaks out while the king and queen are gone. and he wants an adventure, so he finds out about jetpack adventure adn goes straight to the beacon! He plays for the first time and disaster strikes! he runs out of fuel and fall, his parachute doesnt’t open and he ends up in the outskirts of club penguin. He seeks shelter in a cave and plans his escape back to club penguin. In then end he… well i cant tell you that can i! Well i need to people one girl one boy to play the king and queen, they must be members and own the king and queen outfit!

Anyway here is the trailer i created!

other parts maybe needed like news reporter, hobo who is stranded on the island lol, also i need someone with the secret stone igloo, and a fire pit. If you want any of these parts comment below and i will hold auditions at my igloo sometime soon!

Bye! ~Scoobs


3 Responses

  1. I have the secret stone igloo. I think… No I have the other. But I can buy it. Fire pit? You mean put the fire in a huge pile of them? Nope, don’t have that. LOL! OH YA I COULD BE THE HOBO LOL!!

  2. Congrats! You are Z in Charlie the Unicorn 2 CP Style! 😆 I will put the script later on my blog!


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