The Penguin Games is Here


Here’s the checklist to get the gold medal at the end!

The Marathon- Start at the Ski Village and stop at each light. If you miss one, the next one will not light up, so be sure to get all of them! The finish line is at the Cove.

Three Lap Race- Come to the Ice Burg to do this competition. You will stop at each white line until the light shines for you to go on. Once you go around three times, YOU WIN!

Freestyle Swim- Yep, time to be… MICHAEL PHELPS! 😆 I’m not sure how many times you go, but just do it until it says, “Winner”

After you complete these tasks, you can recieve the gold medal!

Free Items:

Red Face Paint- Found at Coffee Shop

Blue Face Paint- Found at Pizza Parlor

Also, I heard that there is a torch on the Mountain… I better go check it out.

PUPS! Wait that sounds like Blue’s line 😆


2 Responses

  1. Thanks again for posting pups! I have been really busy, but i have finished part one of my movie the deep freeze! I Cant do part 2 until i have more actors, so do you wanna play the queen?

  2. Oh that’s fine! I watched Part 1! IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! lol Yeah, I asked to be queen! 😆

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