New Pin and Catolog Cheats

Hey everyone!

Yesterday the new Catolog came out, and about a week ago, the new pin came out!

untitled-23-1.jpg picture by Pigpen98_2008

The new pin is an O’Berry. It is located on the Ice Berg in all the servers.

Once you get to the catolog,

Go to the second page, and click the Pot of Gold by the Girl Penguin. Once you’ve done that, you get a hand item called Pot O’ Gold.

Turn the next page, and where it says ‘Dresses, Tuxedos, and More…‘, Click the More to get a neck item called ‘Boa’.

Turn 2 pages after that to the 2 penguins, one girl, and one boy. Where you see the two lights intersect in the middle of the 2, click that to get a head item called ‘The Red Viking Helment’. Click it off 4 more times to get the ‘Blue Viking Helment’!

Turn 2 more pages to the penguin doing a One-Hand Handstand. Click on the last ‘E‘ to get the Spikester.

Turn 4 pages where you see the Penguins Dancing, on the Dance Floor, click the Purple Square where there shadows connect. When you do that, you get the ‘Spikette’.

Turn 2 pages to the first ‘CLEARANCE‘ Page. Click the ‘R‘ to get the Fruit Headress!

Then theres the BG’s. 2 New ones, and 2 BG’s that came back, including the Moon and stars backround from a long time ago.

I hope you guys have fun with the catolog!



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