News & New Pin!

Yesterday the ‘Top Hat’ Pin came out. It’s funny how Club Penguin’s Screenhog placed it. It hanging off the couch edge. Here’s a picture if you couldn’t find it:

Pin-1.jpg picture by PenguinCP

Cool, eh?

Also, every member should’ve gotten a card saying: ‘March 27 – April 2: The band is back in town! Don’t miss the return of the Penguin Band as they join Cadence at the Stage! Go There

Here’s what it looks like:

ThePenguinBandPostCard-1.jpg picture by PenguinCP


In other news:

I, Pigpen98, is posting on my labtop. Ehh, I can kinda say it’s ‘cool’. But I rather be on my other computer. Also, Pigpen98 Productions (Copyrighted) is currently on hault too. My videos can’t be saved/uploaded until the computer is fixed. Just a reminder!



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3 Responses

  1. ….pretty cool

  2. Your header is amazing! Do you think you could make me one just like it?? 😀

  3. I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE and if youur thinking i am a girl i spelt my name wrong it was sopose to be hyper enywhy my real name i s Hannah sorry for being a chatter box i always am. and my favorite animals are……….. CHICKENS AND HAMSTERS ! sorry again for being so chatty [:

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