Hi! I am Scooby Mad and I play CP. This blog is about Club Penguin news, updates and more. I have been playing CP for over 2 years now and i have alot of old and rare items. I am usually online evryday on Frozen, Deep freeze or Parka. I have a full buddy list full of great people! I wouldn’t play CP if it weren’t for all my friends online. We always joke around and play games together and have parties! Here is a picture of me on cp!

Me at the Beacon.
Me at the Beacon.

This is probally m favourite outfit because it looks really cool!

Im a pretty old penguin!

Im a pretty old penguin!

I have a youtube account called:SCOOBYisMAD

I have only 2 videos right now but i am going to start updating and adding more videos now! I am going to get a chatroom where i can speak to visitors and friends on the site. I haven’t done all this work on my own! A large amount of credit for updates on club penguin goes to my admin Puppygal376! Here blog is on blogroll and there is a direct link below! Check it out.


Thank you for checking out my site and hope to see you more regularly!

Until next time!~Scoobs


9 Responses

  1. cool cant wait till your site is finished!:)

  2. finally u made a wordpress! u r so cool!

  3. Hello Scooby Mad,
    I am Mutant32z From the SuperPenguins. If you Still want to Be a SuperPenguin, Comment anywhere on our site: http://superpenguins.wordpress.com

  4. ahem

  5. yo scoob,just saw de site,ya dunna gud job

  6. cool site and thnx for comment at my site,also i love your comment avatar it is so cool seriously,well bye and thanks for comment and cool site

  7. hi scooby me again cool blog ur rock and im ur buddy

  8. cool page i just made one. go cp! lol

  9. I Love Your Website!
    Check Out Mine At http://www.superpenguins.net/


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