Banners and Backgrounds

Hi, here you can comment and i will make yuo a free background for your chat or a banner for your website, all you have to do is tell me the sixe (w:??xh:??) what chat is it for? (Bribbile, xat etc.) and what color and what you want it  to say. Here is an example of my work, i made this for the rockhopper trackers bribble, which obviously needed a new background!

Here is a Youtbe Background i made for my friend, Seanaes


Music Themed Header: (The Same as below but your name where mine is)

Also you can just have a simple, but effective header, Like this one i madde for 24Sharpay:

I will add more styles of headers the more hits i get, 2,000 Hits my old fresh rockhopper themed Header

2,500 – 3,000 hits The current urban themed header!

And ill also add some more designs in a few days!

To get a background or banner alll you must do is put me near the top on your blogroll!
Comment below and i will get them done as fast as i can!


P.s signature shop opening soon!


24 Responses

  1. ok sure! what colour would you like? and what pictures?

  2. thats the link to my picture.
    i want it to be ..
    me on both sides then in the middle i want it to say..
    .Braveboy124 a.k.a Braveboy24 and iccee’s Blog.

  3. Sure! what background would you like? how about like mine with the lines coming from the center in blue?! 🙂 ill get on it when i come home from school today!

  4. Make mines very cool and the words saying Iceee Cubeee’s Insane Blog then the background tlike black and white cheackered.And the penguins make it rockhopper

  5. and my penguin.if you need one comment on my site

  6. to rockhoppers on the side and one of me on the middle like yours

  7. ok i would like another one
    the one you made me was okay but this time im gonna give you the correct width and height.
    ok the size is\
    770 is the width
    200 is the height

    can it say Braveboy124 a.k.a Braveboy24 & iccees Blog
    and can it have my mini penguins waving on both sides thanks!!
    comment on my site when done!!

  8. my name is iceeee not iccees

  9. Hi, could u make me a banner? but could you explain me some more about how to do it? ill send a pic of my penguin, i made it on paint… will it work? also if it does, i would like some weird blue and white background with my penguin standing at the left side and in middle saying “Zain22”. Is this possible?

  10. i need one

  11. What site do you use to make this

  12. can you make me a header!!
    could you also make me 3 avatars to put on my header!
    can you make all 3 penguins dressed awsome!!
    any member clothes is fine!
    then i want dragondav on the left on top of his name put a blue “D”
    then braveboy124 in middle then on top put “B”
    then on the right put iceeecubeee and on top of him put “I”
    Then on the very top Put
    Clubpenguin Cheats
    then you may put your name some where on header.
    -braveboy24 a.k.a braveboy124
    p.s when will it be done? i want it soon as possible and congrats on 5,000 hits!! comment on my blog when done

  13. Plz can u make me a new one for my youtube i really need a new one saying Salty! plz dude

  14. can you make me on pretty small with the top half of a black penguins head and above that in rainbow shape dj nov please please please

  15. scoobs can you make my header.

  16. Can u plz make me a youtube background?

  17. Dude can u plz make me a background for youtube with Agent Dawg62 on it, wearing a Beta hat, blue hoodie, star necklace, blue sneakers, and an Ipod plz?

  18. P.S. can it also say Comedy king in the writing u wrote presenting scooby mad with?

  19. Awesome! Can I please have a header like yours? But saying Fish’s Club Penguin Cheats? Instead? Thanks


  20. Please make it same size as your header.. Many Thanks.


  21. Hey if you can Make a Club Penguin Creations Widget I will add your banner to my site!

  22. I need a header! I’m not sure about the size so maybe you should decide… My blog is Anyways you would also need my penguin… Ok so here is how it’s set up! We go to a room and I’ll be waving somewhere on the left side. You take a pic part of the room to match half the width of the header size you decide! Then you somehow get a reversed pic of it and combine it! The words on it will be: Welcome to CP Wickeddude’s Secrets of Club Penguin! Don’t put your name on it because I will make a post about the header and say that you made it! My e-mail is…

  23. i dont no what width anall but i want a moshi monsters backround you can get some images of google or sumthing and can you make it like your i mean the tittle only saying Moshi Insiders or if you could make it like with the leters being moshlings if you no what that is , get back to me soon . thanks if you can

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