The Moderators

Hey! Im sure you all know the moderators, Billybob, Screenhog, Rsnail, Gizmo. Well do you know who they really are?


Real Name: Lane merrifield

Age: 30

Kids: Two, 6 & 2

Occupation: CEO of Club Penguin, Blog Writer and Profits Manager


Real Name: Lance Priebe

Age: ??

Kids: ???

Occupation: Creator and Co-Owner of Club Penguin. He deals with all of the bugs and glitches.


Real Name: Dave Krysko

Age: ??

Kids: ??

Occupation: He is incharge of parties and the community page on Club Penguin. He supports CP’s Servers with his Program “Mystery Media”.

Thats all!

If you would like to Know more about CP in the past, Check out the VERY informative CP History Page, with loads of pictures of early CP!

Thanks! ~Scoobs 🙂


9 Responses

  1. Cool ! where did you get the pics from ?

  2. Hey which mod is Nickname1? Nickname1 is my buddy 😀

    ~ Darth

    P.S I think he is Rsnail

  3. dude awesome!

  4. When it said about Rsnail it said ?? at kids and i think he has 1 or 2 i dunno but i know he had a kid in 2002.

  5. awesome where did u get the pics?

  6. I want them to add me!!! I am Dog 53769

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